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Substance abuse involves the use and abuse of different drugs or alcohol. When and individual abuses substances, they out everything at risk from their work to school to their relationships and even their own physical and mental health. There are a range of substances a person can abuse too. These include alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, club drugs like LSD or Ecstasy and more. Due to the different types of substance abuse a person can engage in, sometimes it may be hard to identify whether substance abuse is really the issue. Symptoms to look for can include:

  • Changes in mood and personality
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Changes in appetite and/or weight
  • Social isolation
  • The presence of drug paraphernalia

Whatever the drug being abused is, substance abuse should not go on unhindered. Many individuals lose themselves to drugs, sometimes ending up dead. When a loved one has been caught in substance abuse, it is best to learn to recognize the signs and seek help sooner rather than later.
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Colorado Substance Abuse Advisors

Signs and Symptoms

Being able to recognize when a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol is important as it allows you to know that help is needed. Learn more about substance abuse and its symptoms to determine if you or your loved one needs to seek treatment.


The first step to a substance free life is through detox. Detox allows the body to rid itself of all harmful chemicals introduced to it by the substance abuse. Talk to a member of our team about finding a good detox program near you today.

Treatment options

Treatment programs will vary according to the needs of each individual. However, most will incorporate the use of medication, therapy or some combination of both to help ensure a long lasting recovery.

Continued Support

One a person has completed a treatment program they should continue to pursue their recovery on a regular basis. Learn more about continued support available at sober living houses, support groups and more.

How we can help

Fighting with substance abuse is not something anyone should have to do alone. The Colorado Substance Abuse Advisors are here to help you get back to your old self and break free from substance abuse. Learn more about how we can connect you to the help you need such as:

  • Detox programs
  • Effective treatment programs
  • Continued support

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  • Steve G

    "Overcoming my addiction was no easy task but it was beyond worth it.”

  • Russel R

    "Methamphetamine turned me into a monster. It was great to get back to myself after I found the right treatment program."

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