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Drug overdose deaths soar due to black marketing of synthetic opioids, says report

The constantly expanding illicit drug trafficking of synthetic opioids like fentanyl has significantly contributed to the worsening state of opioid crisis, revealed a recent report published by the American Action Forum. The report also stated that fatalities involving heroin and synthetic opioids soared between 2013 and 2016 – the total number of opioid overdose deaths […]

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Former husband alleges Mel B of suffering from drug and alcohol addiction

In another high-profile drug addiction case, Melanie Janine Brown, the Spice Girls singer also known as Mel B, has been accused of falsely putting the blame for her bruises from drug addiction on domestic violence. The allegations were filed by her former husband Stephen Belafonte in a new legal document.

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Vaccines display effectiveness in treating drug addiction

Drug addiction has emerged as a major threat to health across the globe. The recent report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that more than 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids. While people across the globe are well aware about the risks associated […]

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Loperamide in anti-diarrheal medications may lead to heroin-like high, warn officials

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned people against taking anti-diarrheal medications in large doses as it can lead to a high similar like that of heroin. Loperamide, an ingredient present in Anti-diarrhea medications is responsible for producing this high. “If you’re going through withdrawal and you don’t have money and you can’t […]

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Steroid abuse raising cardiovascular risk among users, warns British Cardiovascular Society

Steroids – chemicals produced naturally by the human body to support the normal functioning of various organs, cells and tissues – are also available as manmade medicines. As such, steroids can be broadly categorized as corticosteroids (steroid hormones produced in the adrenal gland) and anabolic-androgenic steroids (also known as anabolics and the synthetic variant of […]

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Pitfalls of discarded drug paraphernalia

Heroin, a highly addictive illegal opioid, is listed as Schedule I drug and has no accepted medical use in the United States. Despite the dangers associated with heroin abuse, there has been a significant rise in the number of users in the U.S.  In 2016, an estimated 948,000 people aged 12 or older were heroin […]

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Emphasis on punitive measures rather than treatment worsened America’s opioid crisis

Opioid overdose deaths have been climbing by thousands for years now. Drug overdose deaths more than tripled in the United States between 1999 and 2015 from 16,849 to 52,404. In 2015, 33,000 people died due to overdose of opioids (including prescription opioids, heroin and analogs of fentanyl). In 2016, the overdose deaths are estimated to […]

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Recovery schools prove successful in helping students stay sober

The recovery high school movement has received unprecedented attention and credibility in the United States. As a result, such recovery schools have mushroomed across the country, with the total reaching 31 high schools in 10 states. With the unbelievable surge in substance abuse treatment among youngsters, the demand for continuing care has also massively increased. […]

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Cocaine abuse over the years in the US

According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 1.9 million people (0.7 percent of the population) aged 12 and above were the current users of cocaine. Among these users, nearly 432,000 were the current users of crack (0.2 percent of the population). The largest group of 552,000 users (1.6 percent […]

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Brain injury in kids may lead to alcohol abuse

Being one of the legitimately accessible substances around, the abuse of alcohol has become widespread across all age groups. It is responsible for the increasing level of morbidity and mortality by inflicting a number of problems on the users, society and economy. Moreover, the problem of drinking, especially among teenagers, has turned into a public […]

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