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The Colorado Substance Abuse Helpline has a frequently updated blog which includes information covering the latest updates in substance abuse treatments, medical developments and discoveries. The mission is to inform viewers through an active outlet on current news in the area of substance abuse. Feel free to browse through the blog posts or search the website for more information.

Understanding brain asymmetry in drug use

Drugs can perform a multitude of functions that can aid in the recovery of an individual. Some drugs can alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders, fasten the healing of wounds, provide important minerals to the body, fight the cancerous cells, control fertility and so forth. They enter into the body and breakdown into several elements […]

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Denver leads in legalizing marijuana

On Jan. 18, 2017, Denver will become the first ever state in the United States to give a green signal for the public use of marijuana. Recreational marijuana is, however, legal since 2012 in Colorado. In November 2016, the people of Denver voted for the use of marijuana in social settings. Denver has now legalized […]

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Impact of substance abuse on children

Overindulgence in addictive substances can have a terrifying effect on a person’s life, including his/her relationships. Due to an increase in the rate of substance abuse or drug addiction, a number of noteworthy changes have been witnessed lately in the dynamics of relationships among the American population. Especially when it comes to children, every stage […]

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