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Are there similarities between video games addiction and substance abuse?

Substance abuse is a common problem among teenagers. Lately, a lot of American teens are getting hooked on abusive substances owing to factors, such as wide exposure, peer pressure and easy availability of drugs. Reportedly, there has been a downward shift in the minimum age of developing addiction among American teens. Addiction is a chronic […]

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Understanding brain asymmetry in drug use

Drugs can perform a multitude of functions that can aid in the recovery of an individual. Some drugs can alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders, fasten the healing of wounds, provide important minerals to the body, fight the cancerous cells, control fertility and so forth. They enter into the body and breakdown into several elements […]

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Smoking likely to slow down recovery from drug abuse, finds study

It is a well-known fact that a persistent tobacco use contributes to many diseases. In the United States, the situation is highly critical with more than 480,000 tobacco-related deaths each year, highlights the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Studies have shown that cigarette smoking increases the risk of illegal drug use, which results […]

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Family therapy expedites recovery from substance abuse

With home being the safest haven, family is the basic support for any individual. However, the need of affectionate loved ones intensifies when someone is dealing with stressful times. Similarly, when it comes to addiction, in which a person lacks the ability to remain physically or mentally healthy and functional, family support comes as a […]

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Impulsivity in children with family history of alcoholism can help spot AUD risk

Children with one or both the parents dependent on alcohol face a lot of pain and trouble. Parents’ drinking problems can lead to child neglect and their physical and mental abuse. Such children often lead a disturbed life as the addictive habit of parents often affect the psychological growth of the children.

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Substance abuse ups risk for schizophrenia later, says study

The physiological and psychological effects of illicit substances are known by all but more research is being conducted in this direction as an increasing number of Americans continue to abuse certain substances known for their psychedelic impact or addictive properties. Previous studies have stressed upon how illicit drugs can increase the risk for schizophrenia. But […]

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Web-based CBT program more effective for AUD patients

Many cases of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) remain untreated, may be due to the ineffectiveness of the treatments prescribed, grievous nature of addiction, or inefficiency of the combination of therapies and medications. This has made it imperative to look for treatment options that can serve as efficient interventions for AUDs. A recent study by the […]

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Opioid drug abusers often turn to street drugs to satiate their addiction

The extensive abuse and overdose of prescription opioids have resulted in an epidemic in the United States. In 2012, health care providers had written 259 million prescriptions for painkillers which were enough for every American adult to have a bottle of pills, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to experts, […]

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Chalk talk on substance abuse – Part 2: List of substances added to the controlled substances list in 2016

The United States government actively screens and monitors potent compounds and drugs that can potentially harm its citizens. New compounds or drugs, sometimes advertised under different names, are often used by drug users that lead to negative health consequences. In extreme cases, this can lead to overdose and death. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of […]

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Chalk talk on substance abuse – Part 1: Cigarette and its impact on public health

Cigarette smoking is one of the most prevalent forms of substance abuse. It is highly addictive and there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. Smoking, along with secondhand smoke, is the leading cause of death due to lung cancer in the United States. Cigarettes along with other tobacco products like hookah, pipes, […]

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