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Fathoming effects of China White

06-07 | By CSAA Team

Fathoming effects of China White

China White is a potent designer opioid and as the name suggests, was originally produced in China. Being similar to the synthetic painkiller fentanyl, which is a prescription painkiller that is 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States has classified China White as illegal.

Like many drugs, even China White has evolved with time. Currently, it is the popular street name for furanyl fentanyl and a few other known derivatives of fentanyl. Though similar to heroin and morphine, it is hundred times more potent than these drugs. Moreover, it has been blamed for killing more people than heroin itself.

The level of high caused by China White lasts comparatively longer and is more difficult to treat. An earlier version of China White was α -Methylfentanyl. It was first identified in the bodies of two victims that died of drug overdose in Orange County, California in December 1979. This was followed by a series of 13 more deaths and eventually the responsible compound was identified as α -Methylfentanyl.

Within two years of its appearance on the streets, the drug China White was branded as illegal due to its potential for high abuse, no medical use and severe safety concerns. However, as it often happens with street drugs of this nature, other analogs had already been developed.

Chronicling the rise of China White

The name China White is a misnomer and was originally used to indicate the purity level of the substance. However, this does not hold true in this case. Usually, people assume that the substance being purchased by them from the street is fentanyl. Due to such an increased misconception, a large number of people get addicted to China White. Considering the crises and threat posed by drugs in the United States, the spike in sources selling China White illicitly has exacerbated the overall situation. These drugs are not only lethal, but also cheap. Due to the above factors, these drugs have been flooding the American markets.

According to the DEA, fentanyl and its variants are being mass produced clandestinely in labs in China and are then being smuggled into the U.S. via traditional distribution routes through Mexico. New variants are being manufactured by the Chinese chemists to circumvent the legal restrictions imposed on the sale of fentanyl in the U.S. China White’s chemical combination seems to be a result of contamination occurring during the synthesis of fentanyl when it is not done correctly. In addition, some of the other street names of China White include “Drop Dead” and “Serial Killer.”

Avoiding dangers of using China White by seeking treatment

The effects of using China White are similar to those triggered by heroin, such as an intensely pleasurable high, euphoric effects, etc. Even smaller doses of China White have the potential to depress breathing to dangerous levels. Besides causing respiratory depression, it increases the risk of developing gastrointestinal upset, heart rate changes, fatigue, etc.

Though capable of providing temporary relief from both physical and psychological pain, it increases the risk of developing mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, etc. Moreover, its effects lasts far longer as mentioned above and are much stronger than morphine, heroin or fentanyl itself.

When people high on this drug enter the emergency rooms, it may seem like they have overdosed on heroin or another opioid. Since the symptoms of China White abuse are more complicated due to the potency of the fentanyl derivatives, one may witness problems in getting the correct treatment. This may prove fatal in many cases. Another worrying factor is that the drug naloxone used for treating patients for opioid intoxication may not be effective enough as the effects are far more severe. Therefore, it is essential to seek supervision of medical experts to ensure right treatment without fail.

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