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Halloween sees increased drug and alcohol use among youngsters

11-14 | By CSAA Team

Halloween sees increased drug and alcohol use among youngsters

Holidays are not just about social gatherings, but also about feelings of loneliness, stress and depression. People suffering from loneliness and depression during holidays are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. An increase in social activities during holidays can also cause social anxiety and peer pressure that can aggravate the problem of drug and alcohol abuse. During holidays, incidents of drug and alcohol abuse are the highest and Halloween is no exception.

Halloween, a celebration marked by carved pumpkin, costume parties and trick-or-treating custom, is not just about candies, but also about extensive drug and alcohol use by teenagers and college students across America. As per reports, cases of drunk driving increase on Halloween.

Variety of drugs used at Halloween parties

For youngsters, Halloween is all about party. As per a recent study, Halloween accounted for the highest drinking days of the year for first-year college students. For younger teens, Halloween parties could be the very first time that they try alcohol.

For some, the Halloween parties are all about trying different kinds of drugs. Some of the substances abused during Halloween include alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and prescription drugs. However, the most common type of drugs used during the festival are hallucinogens, a class of drugs that induce audio and visual hallucinations. Some of the most commonly used hallucinogens are LSD and ecstasy. As Halloween is widely considered a night to party, it also leads to a spike in drug and alcohol-related incidents. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) encourages schools and families to offer sober alternatives for the youngsters.

Drug-laced gummy candies are popular

As per the Florida Sheriff’s Association, people are now injecting tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana, into gummy candies. Drug-laced gummy candies are commonly found at the parties and consumption of even one piece by a child could turn deadly for him or her. By eating drug-laced candies, children could have hallucinations, severe neurologic consequences or they can become highly agitated.

On the other hand, some drug-laced candies could also cause them to be heavily sedated and lead to respiratory depression.

Drunk driving accidents tend to increase during holidays

Holidays are a joyous time as people get to spend quality time with their loved ones. However, the situation cannot be satisfying for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse problems. As per various researches, cases of suicides, depression and drunk driving accidents tend to increase during holidays.

Experts say that people suffering from depression and substance use disorder might get affected by increased stress during the holiday season. Therefore, it is not just the stressors that are responsible for substance abuse problem, even existing history of substance abuse can aggravate the problem.

Help at hand

Substance abuse can often be a result of self-medication for mental illnesses and increased stressors during holidays. This can push an individual to seek relief from substances like drugs and alcohol. However, abuse and addiction can be dealt with through timely treatment.

If you or your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol and is trying to overcome substance abuse, it is time to seek professional support. To learn more about various substance abuse treatment programs in Colorado, contact the Colorado Substance Abuse Advisors. Call us at our 24/7 substance abuse helpline number 866–300-5857 or chat online with our representatives to know anything related to substance abuse treatment and to find the best substance abuse treatment centers in Colorado.


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